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Fell Ponies are a strong, versatile working pony from England with a willing temperament and useful size.  The pony is know for its smart ground covering trot and desire to partner with you!    The unique beauty of the pony is their leg "feathers" and abundant mane and tail. 
Dakota Fell's herd is both imported and domestic bred.  We focus on true pony type with ability and structure to serve many uses.  Our specialty is youngstock that is well started in foundational and field skills that will serve them in their future. Fell Ponies are best if allowed to mature to 4 years old before steady work; they are WORTH THE WAIT!  Starting your relationship with them young creates a lifelong successful partnership.  We offer a few for sale each year.  Wonder through our website to learn more see our beautiful ponies!

Most important to us is a good match and great home for our ponies.