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Fell Ponies are a strong, versatile working pony from England with a willing temperament and useful size (14 hands). 

 "A horse is not judged by height but by ability and structure to meet the job".....

The solid draft pony structure enables them versatility

and ability to serve a wide range of riders and disciplines


The unique beauty of the Fell Pony is "feathering" on the legs, long manes and tails,

 the distinctive black color (also  grey or bay) and a smart, ground covering trot!    

Dakota Fell has a herd of imported and domestic bred mares and stallions.

We strive for true pony type with beauty and ability to suit a variety of  uses. 

We offer a few for sale each year.  Most important is a good match and great home for our ponies.


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We support  these organizations and encourage you to educate yourself on Fell Ponies at these sites

before you purchase.

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