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The Fell Pony is a rare equine originating from England. They are a strong, versatile horse with a willing temperament and useful size.  We believe the "heart" and ability of a horse is not measured in hands! 

Having no part bred registry the purebred Fell Pony is a treasure whose color is black, bay , grey and brown with very small amounts of white allowed on the hind legs or above the eye (a star). 

They have abundant mane and are "feathered" on the legs.  A spirited, ground covering trot is one of their trademarks.  

Fell Pony's in North America number less than 700 and grow a little each year with around 35 foals born here. 

Dakotafell is located near the center of the nation in Spearfish, SD. 

We breed both imported stock as well as American bred ponies.  The gene pool of the Fell Pony is limited so we encourage research before a purchase of a pony for future breeding.  Specialize in youngstock that is well started in foundational and field skills, we believe they are best if allowed to mature to 4 years old before steady work.

  See our Ponies for Sale tab for details on available ponies.

Most important to us is a good match and great home for our ponies.

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