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 Located near the center of the nation outside of Spearfish, South Dakota our ponies are raised in the mountains and

foothills from birth .  Where and how the pony is raised matters.....We are one of very few breeders in North America raising the Fell Pony in a natural, rugged environment allowing the best opportunity for genetic expression.    Our ponies are handled with love and respect using age appropriate training from birth to the day they leave for their new home.  

Decades of breeding, training and showing has taught us mutual respect for the pony and the person equals success! 


 Fell Ponies are a rare breed from England and number around 700 in North America with less than 35 foals born here per year.  Their useful size of 13.2 to 14 HH and drafty build of around 1000 lbs mature make them a solid working mount. 

The intellectual ability and temperament of the Fell Pony is second to none!  They are thinkers and require respectful  mutual relationships and training methods. 

We specialize in youngstock started  with groundwork from birth.  We believe they are best if allowed to mature to at least 4 years old before steady riding.  


 Our breeding stock is IMPORTED and NORTH AMERICAN bred.   We pay close attention to genetic diversity and offer some of the oldest and most diverse lines of Fell Ponies in North America.  

  See our Ponies for Sale tab for details on available ponies.

Most important to us:  the right pony in the best "forever home"...

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