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Bay Colt - born May 28 

Garrighyll Ray

FIS Clear

Hardendale Henry x Braeberry Joyful Delight (Copperbeech Casper x Murthwaite Chantel)


Black Colt - May 20

DakotaFell Steele Dene

Steele is a jet black colt with lots of eye appeal.  His type and movement will lend him to various disciplines. Purchase options include leaving with us to grow in the foothill pastures for another year for the best genetic expression and growth of mind and body

Purchase Options include allowing your young pony to continue to grow here with us in the mountains and foothills of SD for the best genetic expression and experiences for a solid and successful future!

We offer on a select and limited basis outside mare resident services for breeding and foaling out to one of our stallions

Black  Colt - May 28

DakotaFell Flynn Dene


Black Gelding - 2022

DakotaFell Ayden Dene

Ayden is a very gentle yearling gelding whose personality is as sweet and giving as they come.  He will be a solid, big Fell estimating 14 HH with a lot of potential!  Ayden is living out in the hills with our main herd continuing to develop his mind and body.  His field and foundation skills are strong and his ground work as appropriate for his age.

Honesty, Pride and Support for your pony purchase - if we cant help you we will recommend another breeder. In North America there is no such thing as show and non-show Fell Ponies...direction for your pony is determined by only you.  Your success is our success! 

Mature Fell Ponies are very difficult to find for sale.  We encourage you to purchase your Fell Pony young and grow with them for the best experience!  Most Fell Ponies are not ridden until four years of age.  There are many things to do with your pony along the way!  We look forward to visiting with you about this important aspect in the life of your Fell Pony! and most important to us is the RIGHT pony with the RIGHT person!

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