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Bay Colt

 May 28  

This mare produces 13.3 HH ponies with very calm personalities.  Sire is imported and mare is out of imported stock 

Hardendale Henry x Braeberry Joyful Delight 

Photo is of mare and first bay foal

Black or Grey Colt 

May 20

Mare is an import and stallion is of old unique line

Garrighyll Dapper Dan x Castle Hill Emma

Photo is of sire, mare can be viewed on this site

Black or Grey colt

May 28

Mare is an American bred mare and stallion the only DENE line bred in America

Garrighyll Dapper Dan x Dakotafell Ali

More photos of sire, mare can viewed on this site 

Expecting June 2023

Black foal available

Mare is one of only 4 DENE line breeding in North America - very rare!

Laurelhighland Rock Star x Garrighyll Rosetta Maree

Photo is of sire and dam

Mature Fell Ponies are very difficult to find for sale.  We encourage you to purchase your Fell Pony young and grow with them for the best experience!  Most Fell Ponies are not ridden until four years of age.  There are many things to do with your pony along the way!  We look forward to visiting with you about this important aspect in the life of your Fell Pony! and most important to us is the RIGHT pony with the RIGHT person!  

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