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DakotaFell Raven of Legacy

DakotaFell Legacy X Townend MayDawn

2024 Colt

Offered for sale in 2025

2025 Foals by:

DakotaFell Legacy

DakotaFell RedCloud

Bybeck Yohann

CopperBeech Casper

DakotaFell 2024 Colt

ByBeck Yohann X DakotaFell Corona


Offered for sale in 2025

WHERE and HOW a young horse is raised matters!  Allowing our young stock to mature in our hill pastures provides physical and mental growth to create a solid foundation that will serve them in whatever direction their new home takes them. 

All our young ponies are handled from birth with age appropriate training.  No pony will leave DakotaFell without solid foundation skills in place.  

Mature Fell Ponies are very difficult to find for sale.  We encourage you to purchase your Fell Pony young and grow with them for the best experience!  Most Fell Ponies are not ridden until four years of age.  There are many things to do with your pony along the way!  We look forward to visiting with you about this important aspect in the life of your Fell Pony! and most important to us is the RIGHT pony with the RIGHT person!

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